The Power of a Plan

There is a Japanese Proverb that says a plan without action is a daydream…and action without a plan is a nightmare.  But here’s the caveat.   A plan in and of itself can be a useless piece of crap.  It’s the... Read More

Communicating with Power, Purpose, and Patience

“Every speaker has a mouth, an arrangement rather neat.  Sometimes that mouth is filed with wisdom, sometimes it’s filled with feet.”  That’s a humorous quote by Robert Orben.  And it is so true.   Haven’t we all at one point or... Read More

My Four Life Lessons

Life is about living and learning.  It’s about experiencing all the beautiful treasures of life while learning the difficult lessons in life.  As we learn new lessons, we gradually evolve into better versions of ourselves.  And in the process, we’re... Read More