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The Magic of Saying Yes, The Power of Saying No

I have a philosophy in life….Say Yes to the Universe.  That willingness to step outside the routines of my life, take on risky new adventures and face new challenges has rewarded me in so many unexpected and highly fulfilling ways. ... Read More

Celebrate Your Ego

As human beings, we are composed of four distinct energy sources.  We have an Ego Energy, a Heart Energy, a Soul Energy , and a Higher Mind Energy.  Each energy is a source of consciousness which is capable of guiding every... Read More

The Competent Speaker, The Confident Speaker, The Compelling Speaker

While 75% of all people experience some degree of nervous anxiety when delivering a speech, many are able to get past their nervousness and present their message with some degree of clarity and proficiency.  They may not be able to... Read More

Be Fearless!

When it comes to public speaking, what are your fears?  Are you an introvert?  Are you a perfectionist? Are you shy?  Are you overly concerned about what others think of you? These common social anxieties can be career limiting as... Read More

Happiness – These 4 Things

The pursuit of happiness is our God-given right. For many years I focused on a few things that I thought would bring me happiness…the perfect career, the house of my dreams, money, special relationships. I worked really hard to acquire... Read More

Sharing My Story: From Purging To Emerging

Using personal stories as a way to connect with your audience is the super-juice to delivering an impactful speech.  This often means having the courage to be vulnerable. When I first began delivering public speeches, I had to come to... Read More

Courageous Communication – The Key To Conflict Resolution

“Can’t we all just get along?”  This simple, poignant plea was courageously communicated by Rodney King as he sought social reconciliation from the massive violence and riots that erupted in the streets of Los Angeles.  This tragic episode followed a... Read More

Youth To Youth Connections

I will soon be launching a new non-profit business called Youth To Youth Connections.  This enterprise focuses on developing the public speaking skills of young key note speakers who have the passion, courage, and tenacity to speak messages of hope,... Read More

Teaching, Learning, Giving, Growing….Becoming An Authentic Leader

Teaching, Learning, Giving, Growing…. These are action words that all leaders should seek to uphold in all interactions with others.  These four qualities encapsulate the role of an effective, authentic leader.   As a leader, teaching others requires our rational... Read More

Facing Change: Fight, Flight, or Flow

Change is inevitable.  Period.  It’s gonna happen with or without you.  Adaptability is your only key to survival, growth and success.  The choice is yours…fight, flight, or flow. How you deal with change says volumes about who you are as a... Read More