As human beings, we are composed of four distinct energy sources.  We have an Ego Energy, a Heart Energy, a Soul Energy , and a Higher Mind Energy.  Each energy is a source of consciousness which is capable of guiding every single aspect of our lives.  It is important to distinguish the difference between these four energy sources because each of these four energy sources has unique and powerful qualities that can help us experience life to its fullest, and help us become the best possible versions of ourselves.


The Ego Energy is the source of consciousness that we access most prominently.  The ego is our inherent mechanism that we use to identify ourselves as individuals.  It’s our self-preservation protection device. The ego energy seeks growth and validation through external materialistic achievements.


As we gain wisdom throughout our life experiences, most of us are able to move beyond our limited egoic tendencies and empower our heart energy to merge into our consciousness.  The heart is our inherent mechanism that reminds us to be kind and caring towards others.  It empowers us to broaden our perspectives and make wiser choices that takes into consideration what’s good for a collective body versus vs what’s simply good for the self.  The heart energy seeks growth through cultivating relationships with others.


As we become spiritually enlightened, we begin to access our soul energy, which is the source of our true nature.  The soul seeks authentic connection with others.  The soul seeks to transform itself into higher and higher levels of consciousness through growth and giving.  Through the soul energy, we are less focused on materialistic achievements and seek more purposeful, meaningful experiences that bring true joy, peace and unity into our lives.


As we become spiritually liberated, we begin to access our Higher Mind Energy.  The higher mind is a universal creative energy force that we all have access to.  It represents limitless intelligence and creativity in its purest form.  Each of us has access to this universal consciousness at all times whether we recognize it or not.  The degree to which we can access this limitless power is determined by the degree to which we recognize the presence of this limitless power.


Of these four energy sources, some people perceive the ego as “the bad element”, while the other three energy sources are generally perceived as good qualities.  But I think the ego gets a bad rap.  I saw a license plate the other day that read “86urego”, which I finally figured out means, 86 your ego, or get rid of your ego.  I’ve also seen YouTube videos that focus on the “evils” of the ego, including a video entitled “Death to Ego”.  It has become prevalent and popular in our society to denounce the ego as the enemy.  They call it “the disease of me”.  And I get it because the ego tends to be self-serving.  There are some people who remain stuck in their ego consciousness, which is a precarious position to be in.  When they’re stuck in this mode of consciousness, their decisions, actions, and feelings are all about themselves.  They become fragile because their egos are affected by dramatic emotions and traumatic past experiences, which can control their lives in dark abysmal ways.


But in and of itself, an ego consciousness is not a bad thing.  Truth is, we need our egos.  It serves a much needed purpose.  It’s a vital part of our personality.  It’s the trigger that empowers us to accomplish important goals in our lives.  It’s crucial to recognize the powerful benefits the ego provides, but it’s equally crucial to keep the ego in check.


So celebrate your ego because it’s your unique gift to the world.  But balance your ego energy with your heart energy, while aligning that consciousness with your soul energy. And have the mindfulness to tap into the creative expansive forces of your higher mind.  When you can intentionally access and synergize all four energy sources, miracle moments emerge in your life, empowering you to contribute to the world in the highest ways possible.