Change is inevitable.  Period.  It’s gonna happen with or without you.  Adaptability is your only key to survival, growth and success.  The choice is yours…fight, flight, or flow. How you deal with change says volumes about who you are as a person. How you deal with change reveals your inner strength and your sense of self-esteem.


When we face change, we face our fears.  There is an initial resounding pounding in our hearts that says to the Universe, “Nooooo…don’t change, I feel so comfortable with who I am.  I feel so safe with where I am. I feel so secure with who I’m with.  Please don’t change!”  


Change looks frightening on the surface…. until we realize…. space is being created for something new and transformative to emerge.  And if we go within… into our silent spaces…., we can hear the subtle whispering of the universe gently responding to our fears, saying “My dear one….you were created with the power and the potential to expand into so much more than who you are now….hear the call, follow the path, and have the courage to become the powerful being you were intended to be”. 


Just imagine….what would happen if any life form, whether human, plant, or animal fails to expand to its fullest capacity because of the fear of change?  The creeping, crawling caterpillar would never transform into the beautiful, colorful free butterfly.  The little, tiny vulnerable acorn would never grow into the magnificent mighty oak tree.  The young fledgling bird would never have the courage to step off the edge of the nest, clumsily flap it’s wings, and fly.


As humans, when we resist change, we become morbidly limited, pathologically stagnant, and inevitably extinct.  Life is not intended to be stationary.  It’s intended to be progressive.  Change is the universal law of life.  It’s the only way to go.  It’s the only way to grow.  It’s the only way to shine your light and glow.  The choice is yours…fight, flight, or flow.