The pursuit of happiness is our God-given right. For many years I focused on a few things that I thought would bring me happiness…the perfect career, the house of my dreams, money, special relationships. I worked really hard to acquire those things. Only to discover that those “things” were transient. They didn’t always last. And even when I did acquire them for a while, they weren’t always as satisfying as I imagined them to be. Especially the relationships.

At this point in my life, I have re-assessed what makes me happy. And it comes down to these four things:    Freedom, One-ness, Adventure, and Bliss.

Freedom: Free to be me. Free to be my authentic self. I no longer feel compelled to think, speak or act in a way that others expect me to. If it’s not meaningful and purposeful for me, then it’s not for me.

One-ness: I recognize that though we appear different and feel separate from one another, in reality, we are all the same. I recognize the importance of being gentle, caring, and kind with one another despite our differences. Let us share this planet together in a spirit of unity and compassion for one another, because we are better together when we think and act in a spirit of one-ness.

Adventure: Life is a roller coaster, filled with thrills, frights, and fun. Life was never intended to be neither safe nor dull. When we step out of our comfort zones, there may be risks involved and there may be some fears involved. But there is also a grand opportunity for growth, excitement and joy, as life was intended to offer.

Bliss: Having an attitude of gratitude knowing that life is a gift, a blessing, and it’s all good as it is. No matter what circumstances emerge in our lives or whatever challenges we may face, bliss is the assurance and the knowledge that all is unfolding perfectly.

So, I no longer chase the transient things in life, which may have given me a false illusion of happiness. I now choose more meaningful measures of happiness containing these four things: Freedom, One-ness, Adventure, and Bliss.

And that makes me a happy, happy person.