Who should enroll in my public speaking workshop?  Everyone!

Public speaking is a vital skill that effects your day to day interactions.  It can have an enormous impact on your confidence and success throughout your entire life.  Whether you’re a student, an entry-level employee, a manager, a salesperson, a non-profit fund-raiser, a church official, a leader in a volunteer organization, an author, or an entrepreneur, everyone can benefit from the skills taught in my public speaking workshop.

Workshop Duration:

  • Each session is based on one hour segments.
  • A minimum of 4 sessions is recommended to achieve the full benefits of this program.
  • Participants may sign up for as many sessions as they’d like, depending on their goals.

Workshop Location:

In-person or virtually – your choice!

Workshop Fee:

  • 1st session is complementary!
  • A full 4-week workshop is $35 for each session
  • If you take the 4-week workshop, each subsequent individual session is $30
  • If you elect not to participate in the 4-week workshop, individual sessions are $40 each
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