I will soon be launching a new non-profit business called Youth To Youth Connections.  This enterprise focuses on developing the public speaking skills of young key note speakers who have the passion, courage, and tenacity to speak messages of hope, vision, and purpose to young, impressionable audiences.

Society tends to inundate our  communities with limited-scope narratives centered on systemic problems.  Our communities hear such conflicting, divisive chants and rants such as “Black Lives Matter”, “No! Blue Lives Matter,” “Protect the children from mass school shootings, “No, protect the 2nd amendment!”…and on and on and on.  Yet too many of our communities continue to be stained and strained with crime, drugs, mental disorders, racial inequities, and so on.  As one of my young key note speakers said, “we know all too well about the problems in our communities, but who’s talking about the solutions?  Where is the hope for the young?”

Through Youth To Youth Connections, I help young people develop the confidence and competencies to deliver their messages of purpose and self-empowerment in an inspiring, compelling way.  In turn, the young audience members receiving these messages are more likely to realize their own potential as powerful, creative beings who have a voice and a story of hope to share.

Through Y2Y Connections, I not only coach teenagers on developing their public speaking skills at no charge, I also find speaking engagements for them in schools, churches, and other community organizations.  My constituents include not only the young key note speakers, but also the young impressionable audiences who would potentially become inspired by these positive, prolific messages.

What better way to reach young people with powerful, inspiring messages than through young people with powerful, inspiring voices.

Stay tuned for further developments regarding Youth To Youth Connections, or you can respond to this post for immediate dialogue and responses to your inquiries.  For young, ambitious teenagers who have a story to tell, sign up for free coaching lessons.  As quoted by Arvee Robinson, “The world is waiting for your words.”